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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Multiple Strategies in 5th Grade Math

 Multiple strategies and justifying our thinking are important components of our fifth grade math classroom. Often times I will pose a question and encourage students to show their math thinking not only using one strategy, but also using another method as well. 

Today students were asked to find the area of one of the rectangles on the smart board using any strategy they wanted. 

As students were working I encouraged those who were finishing up their first method to think of another strategy they could use to show their thinking in another way. I also nudged students forward just a bit more, asking them what strategy they felt was the most efficient. 

As students were finishing, I walked around the carpet area and took pictures of  their awesome and diverse math thinking. I then post these pictures on the smart board and ask the "math author" to explain their processes and explain which strategy they felt was the most efficient. 

The rest of the class is able to ask questions for clarification. 

Just take a look at this fantastic and flexible math thinking! 

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