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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


We were busy making connections between different ways to represent a problem in math. We've been focusing on making these connections to strengthen our understanding of multiplying a whole number by a decimals.

We began with the problem: 5 x 0.35  (five groups of 0.35)

We modeled our thinking on a hundredths grid:

We then modeled our math thinking using an open number line. Students were prompted to begin looking for connections between the hundredths grid and open number line. Check out these examples!  One student took 5 jumps of 0.35, while the other decomposed 0.35 and took 5 jumps of 0.30 and 5 jumps of 0.05. Great strategies!

Then we gave the area model a try. Continuing to make a lot of connections!

And, last but not least, an equation. This is the trickiest for the kids. We are beginning to apply the Distributive Property as one of our strategies, something that will be really important in middle school.

Wow! Such amazing work!  Students were then given the task to show these four math representations for the next problem: 3 x 0.32

Check out the group of one group! They decided to each be responsible for one representation: hundredths grid, equation, open number line, and area model.

Webbing Events that Led up the the Civil War

We worked collaboratively on chart paper to map some of the events leading up to the Civil War. Six posters were placed around the room, and student groups traveled between posters adding information that they felt was the most important. 
After the students visited all posters, new groups were made, and these groups summarized the key ideas. The class did an outstanding job!