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5.NF.1 - Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators

Fraction Track Game (two player game)

Satisfraction (individual game)

Choose from the Following: Dig It, Drop Zone, Fraction Feud (individual games)

Frosty Fractions (two player game)

Equivalent Fractions (individual game)

Battleship Number Line (individual game)

Fraction Game  (individual game)

Module 4 - Extra Help:

>5.NF.1 - Writing Equivalent Fractions
>5.NF.1 - Writing Mixed Numbers as Improper Fractions:

>5.NF.1 - Writing Improper Fractions as Mixed Numbers:

Tools to Model Fractions

5.MD.3 - Understand concepts of volume measurement

5.MD.4 - Use standard and non-standard units of measurement to determine volume

5.MD.5 - Solve read world problems involving volume

Rectilinear figures, and volume is additive (question 8)

Multiple ways to find volume (question 5)

5.NBT.5 - Multiplication

Math Activities:

Hour of Code


Front Row  class code = 9fzv6c

Math Games:

Solve Me Mobiles


Thinking Blocks

Ten Frame Mania

Coin Bubble

Hooda Math - 10

Hooda Math - 10 is Again



Hooda Math - 3 Slices



Brain Drop

The Traveling Salesman

Parking Zone

Cargo Bridge

Parking Panic

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