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Friday, November 1, 2013


We've had an eventful couple of days! Yesterday, we were able to meet with our 2nd grade buddies for a second time. We helped them put on their costumes if they needed it and then read some Halloween and Fall books while snacking on cookies. The 5th graders really enjoy spending time with their buddies!

In math we started working with volume and exploring rectangular prisms. We have been giving the kids a volume and they would then have to construct a rectangular prism that has that volume. We have been working with base-ten ones blocks, and they have really picked up on the concept of volume!

It has been very encouraging to see how well a lot of kids are doing with the math program, especially when they are able to tell us all of the "math" behind what they are learning. 

In science, I like to do as much hands-on activities as I can. Unfortunately, the science units that I teach aren't very friendly with my hands-on approach. Right now, we are studying space. If I could give them a planet, a star, or a Mars Rover to hold and study, I would do so in a heartbeat. As you know, that isn't possible. So, I've supplemented with other things. We've been working with the new iPads our school received to study space. Below, the kids are completing an AppWalk through a variety of space related apps. If you are interested in any of the apps, let me or your child know! All the ones I have the kids explore are free and wonderful! :)

It's already November. My, how time flies! Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Lengyel

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